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At the end of each year, the ARNO62 association organizes a motorcycle ride on the occasion of the Telethon.

This time, the association has decided to partner with us to make a nice donation.

We would obviously like to thank them and all the people who participated in this hike. By taking part in this day, you have done a good deed and we are very grateful to you!


You will find on this page the selection of the most beautiful photos of the day. Serve yourself !

The President of ARNO62, Gérald Demarquilly, has certainly explained to you the reason for our collaboration, he has certainly told you what the Horizon Foundation is, but in case he has not done so or if you have not not heard, you can take a tour of Horizon on our website where everything is very well described.

Otherwise, let me explain it to you again in just a few lines:

3 years ago, Benjamin, Gérald's son, learned that he was carrying a rare genetic degenerative eye disease which caused him to gradually lose his sight until possibly going blind one day.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, it is incurable.

Today, a few clinical trials are underway and are promising, except that these protocols are expensive and the money is lacking.

To help medical research, Benjamin decided to fight and create his own foundation with the aim of developing projects with different brands, counting on their financial support and giving us maximum visibility to raise awareness of this disease. too little known disease, and above all to appeal for donations.

The Horizon Foundation's first project is a sailing crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, sponsored by Giorgio Armani.

The departure is scheduled for mid-January for no less than 3 weeks of crossing.

A documentary on Benjamin's story, on the birth of the Horizon Project will be produced by our small Horizon team, a group of friends, all very affected by their friend's illness.


We invite you to learn more about this project by clicking here:

You can also, if you wish, make a gesture via this page:

Every donation counts, no matter how small!

Of course, you can bookmark our website and take a look at it early next year to see the results of the transatlantic.

Otherwise, we will try to share as much as we can on our social networks. Follow us!​

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It only remains for us to say once again a big thank you for taking part in this motorcycle ride, we hope you had a good time and a beautiful day and hope to see you again next year.

Feel free to download your photos and share on your social networks, tag us and talk about us. 

Enjoy ! 


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