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horizon foundation retinopathie retinite retinitis pigmentosa pigmentaire


  • Non profit foundation

  • Born in January 2022

  • Raising awareness around Usher Syndrome & Retinitis Pigmentosa

  • Raising funds to help the medical research

HORIZON FOUNDATION was created with the aim of raising funds to help the medical research of Usher Syndrome.

In an attempt to finally find the solution that could put an end to long years of research into a potential treatment to cure Retinitis Pigmentosa linked to Usher Syndrome, we decided to create Horizon Foundation.

This foundation aims to help different research institutes by carrying out projects (for now more around sailing and fashion) and to seek great media coverage to give it a maximum visibility and raise as much funds as possible to give the possibility of creating new treatment protocols or new clinical trials.


Bringing light and awareness to
Usher Syndrome & Retinitis Pigmentosa

Inform about recent medical advances


Mediate the disease through

projects and ideas we can develop
with brands or companies

Create unique content with a unique storytelling


Raising funds to help medical research


Help people with eyes diseases with the hope of healing them and restoring sight to those who have lost it


How do we help medical research ?

Our first and unforgettable project who launched Horizon Foundation in the best possible way and who allowed us to raise funds and send it to institutes :

After M. Armani accepted the idea of our project, we worked a lot on the production to realize 2 chapters and 1 main movie in which we wanted to send a message : Retinitis Pigmentosa is still incurable and it's time to act.

The idea is of course to continue to grow, to realize in the near future other projects just as beautiful and unique as was the Horizon Project.

Horizon Foundation has the pleasure to already
have some partners
  • Premium partner : Giorgio Armani

  • Others partners : Elvira Guardia, Parallax agency, Coussemacq opticien.

Horizon Foundation is always looking for new sponsors or partners to support its future projects.


With our research teams, we are convinced that the call for donations, associated with strong media coverage of the HORIZON foundation through their various projects and the international reputation of the companies with which they collaborate, would be a great way to contribute together to the culmination of research projects on retinopathy pigmentosa and to communicate on our recent advances that bring so much hope.

Serge Picaud,

Director of Institut de la Vision

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