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In recent years, medical research has greatly evolved and made great strides towards the miracle solution that will save the vision of all those with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Already many clinical trials are underway to try to treat each genetic mutation defect that causes RP.

Clinical trials

First of all, when a treatment protocol is set up, it must follow a very specific procedure called clinical trials.

These tests are broken down into 3 phases numbered from 1 to 3.

The Fighting Blindness Foundation, which we follow closely, explains precisely how it works.
You can read more by clicking here :

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Being a foundation aiming to help medical research, we work with the most experienced doctors but do not have them among us. For this, we will once again use the information given by the Fighting Blindness Foundation, which each month reports on the latest advances in hereditary retinal diseases, which we will post on this page.

Recent developments in research on retinitis pigmintosa
06 / 10 / 2022


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