My name is BENJAMIN,

I was born in the North of France 30 years ago, now based in Barcelona, osteopath and international model.

In 2019, I was diagnosed with PIGMENTARY RETINOPATHY.


It was therefore in 2019, after a few ophthalmological examinations following difficulties in correcting the vision of one of my two eyes, that the doctors mentioned for the first time in my life this unknown term of "Retinitis Pigmentosa".

I fall from above.

Months of anger, sadness, denial followed, until I had to give up my job as an osteopath, no longer able to pretend to be fine when deep down I was going through the worst days of my existence.

After a very complicated year psychologically, mentally, socially and emotionally, I met Clément at a music festival in Calvi (Corsica). We quickly develop a real friendship and a few months later, he decides to create his own modeling agency and offers me to be the first.

A few signatures and here I am represented by several European agencies, which in a short year literally transform my daily life.

I go from a very weakened state to a strong and determined being to enjoy every moment of life, every family moment, those between friends, every landscape, every color, every light.

This light, it may be a question that I no longer see it in a few years.

At least that's the final outcome I'm promised at the moment.


To try to reverse the prognosis, I decided to create my own association which I therefore called HORIZON.

I present to you the small team with which I work to develop the foundation by creating projects around sailing and fashion.


If I told you about my professional career, it's actually because the association was born after I had an idea for a project related to my new job.

I am lucky to be one of the few models today who parade for the Giorgio Armani brand. I was very happy to have this possibility but during my first fashion show,

I found myself very dazzled by the spotlights of the "catwalk".

Of course, I didn't dare say anything to anyone but told myself that I couldn't continue to hide it from everyone since my daily life is a little more impacted every day...

So I decided to reveal them but by offering them to support my HORIZON project which is to realize one of my dreams :

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean by sail.

Project they accepted.

You can find the presentation of the project in the EVENTS section or by

clicking HERE.